Five Favorite Disney Memories

I live for Disney memories. I mean maybe not – but if there’s one thing that Disney doesn’t overhype, it’s that there’s actually moments, when the lines aren’t too long, and it’s not raining, that you really feel like you’re living in one of their sappy commercials when you’re there. Today, I’m sharing five of my sappy-commercial-memory moments.

-Seeing Pandora during Passholder Preview
Pandora is a madhouse at all times (and can you blame anyone? It’s one of the most beautiful areas of any theme park, I’ve ever seen.) But since it’s always so crowded, it made getting to see it during the Passholder Preview last year, when there was so few people, extra special.

-Spending Two Days at Castaway Cay
One day at Castaway Cay, Disney’s private island is great, but TWO days is magical. We made sure for our Disney Cruise last year, to choose a sailing that stopped at Castaway for two days, so we wouldn’t have to rush around trying to do everything in one day, and could relax and enjoy ourselves more.

-Pulling off my favorite Disney bound for Not So Scary
I love holidays in the park, and Disney bounding as Minnie and Daisy with my friend Jenny this past year was my favorite year (peep the epic Daisy bow).

-Seeing Disneyland Paris decorated for Christmas
Disneyland Paris is a beautiful park, made even more gorgeous by their Christmas decorations (they still have the garlands!). We spent Thanksgiving Day there this past year, and it was perfect.

-Staying Club Level at The Grand for NYE
NYE this past year was a dream – staying club level for us basically meant eating and drinking 24/7 (which I’m not complaining about AT ALL). We rang in New Years seeing the balloons drop from the ceiling of the grand, which is an experience I highly endorse.