Our Five Favorite Disney Rides

This was a tough list to write. I, by no means, think that what I’m doing in any way can compare to hard hitting journalism, but I sat at the computer, blankly staring, for a full hour, as if I was trying to find the words to describe a World War. Let me start by saying, that this list is highly subjective and we in no way meant to cause discourse on the internet by leaving out your favorite ride. You might think our opinion on this subject is crap, and that’s okay, because everytime I look at my Netflix queue, I’m reminded that I have pretty bad taste. But alas, I press on, and create this list (PS this is in no specific order – because that would have taken even longer, and more mental anguish).

-Big Thunder Mountain
I can’t go to Disney without riding this ride. I LOVE IT. It brings back all kinds of nostalgic, Disney memories for me, plus it’s a completely different experience depending on what time of day you ride it.

-Tower of Terror
Tower of Terror is just so perfectly themed, from the moment you step in line, to the moment you step off the ride, that we couldn’t leave it off our list.

-Flight of Passage
Flight of Passage is my favorite Disney ride currently – don’t @ me. Pandora so blew my expectations out of the water. I’m normally not a big 3D fan (it makes me sick), but this ride is so visually stunning that leaving it off the list felt wrong.

-Soarin Around the World
I know a lot of people prefer Soarin Over California, but I prefer this version (I actually cried the first time I rode!). Travel is David and I’s passion, so we love getting this birds eye view of all the places we want to go is the best.

-Peter Pan’s Flight
This is such a classic Disney experience, that I couldn’t leave it off the list.