Disney California Adventure The Cove Bar Review

I love being in on a secret. Remember in elementary school, when teachers used to try to pound in our heads that secrets were no fun, and they hurt people? Probably good advice. I didn’t care though. I loved being in the know. That’s probably why I love The Cove Bar so much – so much so, that it’s my favorite place to grab a meal, or a drink at California Adventure, which isn’t lacking, in my opinion, in great places to eat or drink.

20161125-ljp_647420161125-ljp_6477The Cove Bar, is located on Paradise Pier, with fantastic views of California Screamin, and Mickey’s Fun Wheel. They recently went through an extensive expansion, which makes it much easier to get a table. You can’t make reservations for The Cove Bar, even though it’s a full service restaurant and bar. The first time we ever tried to eat the The Cove Bar, we made the mistake of going two hours before the first World of Color started – we BARELY got through the massive line that was waiting outside to be seated, for the coveted seats with the great views. It taught us a valuable lesson – if you want to eat at The Cove Bar, go EARLY in the day, and line up before the restaurant opens. You don’t want to spend your time in the park waiting in a long line for a restaurant.

20161125-ljp_647920161125-ljp_648220161125-ljp_6480The Cove Bar is known for two things – Lobster Nachos (which I’m convinced are the manna the Bible talks about), and a secret drink menu. If you’re headed to The Cove Bar, and don’t have a shellfish allergy, you’re ordering The Lobster Nachos. We recommend sharing them, as a plate is more than enough food for two people.

20161125-ljp_648520161125-ljp_6487You can find the secret drink menu almost anywhere online before you go (PRAISE THE LORD FOR SMART PHONES), but the most iconic of all the drinks is Mickey’s Fun Wheel. Layered with different boozes and adult fun juices, this rainbow colored concoction will make you happy you left childhood behind. We are also big fans of The Neverland Tea, but be warned – it’s SWEET. If you often tell a bartender ‘I don’t like to taste my hooch’, then this is the drink for you.

dsc_0518dsc_0524You really can’t go wrong with anything at The Cove Bar. We think it’s the best drinks you can find anywhere at Disneyland (we’re looking at you, Trader Sams), with impeccable atmosphere and great food. Just go early, snag a table, and feel superior over the people waiting in line.