A Guide To Cars Land at DCA

Our favorite part of Disney California Adventure is Cars Land. We think that Cars Land exemplifies everything the Disney Parks are, when they’re firing on all cylinders. It’s beautiful, immersive theming, that takes you into a movie, but you don’t actually have to love the movie to enjoy it. It’s the most popular part of DCA, and it gets more crowded than any other part of California Adventure. Today, we’re sharing our top tips for Cars Land, to make your time at DCA even better.

-The first FastPass you get of the day at DCA should be for Radiator Springs Racers. It’s located near It’s Tough To Be A Bug. If you don’t get to DCA at rope drop, your chances of getting a FastPass go down significantly.

-If you don’t mind splitting your party up (we never do), consider the Single Rider line for Radiator Springs Racers. It will save you A LOT of time.

20161125-ljp_627720161125-ljp_6292 20161125-ljp_629720161125-ljp_631120161125-ljp_643720161125-ljp_6275-Radiator Springs Racers is fantastic, and well worth the hype. It’s so good that you will probably want to ride it during the morning, and at night, as the excellent lighting makes it a very different experience.

-If you’re staying onsite at Disneyland, take advantage of the extra-magic hours that are offered to guests. Try to go to DCA on a morning that offers extra-magic hours.

-The other two rides at Cars Land, Luigis Rollicking Roadsters, and Maters Junkyard Jamboree, don’t draw nearly the same kind of lines that Radiator Springs Racers does. If we had to chose only one, we would chose to prioritize Luigis over Maters, but that’s our personal preference.

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– Try both restaurants while you’re there, even if you share things so you can try a lot of things. The two restaurants are Flo’s V8 Cafe, which is arguably the better of the two, and one of the only places in DCA where you can have a real, sit down breakfast. We enjoy the chicken tamale, and the adorable Cars themed waffles on the kids menu. Head over to The Cozy Cone Motel later, and try the bacon mac n cheese bread cone.

-At sunset every night, they turn on all the lights to Cars Land, and all of a sudden, everything is a wash of neon. Grab some food, and pull up a seat.

20161125-ljp_679120161125-ljp_692520161125-ljp_691720161125-ljp_690720161125-ljp_6795We think you’ll love Cars Land as much as we do – and we think you’ll love it even more if you aren’t having to wait in line for several hours.