Disney California Adventure’s Lamplight Lounge Review

I’m gonna be super honest – I wasn’t excited when Disney announced that they were turning The Cove Bar into The Lamplight Lounge. There aren’t many things that I’m not okay with Disney changing (I actually love it when Disney changes the parks), but my desire for easy access to Lobster Nachos is a hill I’ll die on.

We finally got the chance to go to The Lamplight Lounge a few months ago, and absolutely loved it. What they’ve done with the Pixar theming is incredible – but my favorite part is that they still have the expansive patio with views of Mickey’s fun wheel.

The Lamplight Lounge has a huge menu – but they kept some of the old favorites from The Cove Bar, including my personal obsession (Lobster Nachos), and my favorite drink, Mickey’s Fun Wheel. We loved some of the new items as well, especially the Deviled Eggs and Toast, Dipping Donuts, and the variety of dry ice smoking drinks.

The Lamplight Lounge takes reservations, but if you get there a few minutes before they open, it’s normally not a problem to get a walk-up table. We highly recommend The Lamplight Lounge for lunch or dinner (or even just drinks), if you are at DCA.