Fuel Rods at Walt Disney World

So you’re at Disney, taking 3409824390 selfies in front of the purple wall, when tragedy strikes. YOUR PHONE IS DEAD. Why, even go to the Disney Parks, if you have a dead phone? You won’t be able to update people on the corn dog nuggets you ate, or the small shop ears you were rocking. I might sound like I’m being ironic, but I actually hate having a dead phone at Disney. I need my hub grass shoe-fie, gosh darn it. Well, good news, fam – Disney, in their kind love, has reached out, and offered us a solution, than in the spirit of America, both makes them money, and helps us.buy my phone case here

Disney, now has fuel rod vending machines. Why would you buy a soda, or a bag of chips, that will only leave you hungry and bloated, when you can get a FUEL ROD, for hours of phone entertainment instead?

The fuel rods cost $30, which might seem steep, BUT, whenver it’s dead, you can simply go to another fuel rod kiosk, and swap it for a new one, FOR FREE, FOREVER.

The only time I ever use fuel rods is when I’m travelling, and since I travel to Disney so often, this is a great deal for me, and I’m glad Disney is going it.