Disneyland’s Steakhouse 55 Review

There are few things in life that I love more than a good steak. I’ve been known to be almost brought to tears over a fantastic filet, and a glass of cabernet. Whether or not that shows a skewed sense of priorities, is up to you to judge, but it’s the truth. We were recently in Disneyland for Thanksgiving, and wanted to sit down for a nice dinner – after looking at our options (and deciding we didn’t want to spend several hundred dollars for Napa Rose), we chose Steakhouse 55, in The Disneyland Hotel.

20161124-ljp_617920161124-ljp_6195Steakhouse 55 exudes old school Hollywood glamour, from the moment you walk in. Subtly decorated, with rich woods, dark tones, and oversized portraits of Walt, the restaurant feels like it’s rich in history, and any diehard Disney fan (such as us), will really appreciate it. The restaurant is named for the year Disneyland opened (oh what we would give to have been around for that day!).

20161124-ljp_619320161124-ljp_6189The service at Steakhouse 55 is excellent. When David was in college, we both worked in the service industry, so I love good service – and Steakhouse 55 was a cut above the rest (just a little steak humor for you). From the host, to the managers, to the actual servers, everyone was attentive, professional, and warm.

20161124-ljp_618420161124-ljp_6185Steakhouse 55 specializes in steak (duh), and serves sides family style, so that you can share them at the table. It’s not a cheap meal, but it’s delicious, and for the amount of food you get, not unreasonable. We’ve gone to other signature restaurants and paid far more, for far less food. Steakhouse 55 also has an incredible wine list.

Dessert is a stand out as well, with their speciality being a 24 layer chocolate cake, that will make you weep with appreciation that you don’t have a sugar intolerance.

20161124-ljp_618620161124-ljp_6188All in all, we highly recommend Steakhouse 55 for holidays, a fancy date night, or just a great experience all around. We loved it and think you will too.