What’s In My Bag: Disney Parks Edition

You know when you’re sitting at the nail salon (boys, you know you go to – it’s 2017 – OWN IT), and you’re flipping through the pages of US Weekly, eager to find out what Lauren Conrad carries in her sensible but stylish tote bag? Yeah me too. Because for some reason, finding out that we both use Burts Bees lip balm, makes me feel like I’m accomplishing something with my life, besides getting a pedicure on a Tuesday afternoon. Well today, we’re telling  you what two, absolute nobody’s, carry in their bag, to a Disney Park – it’s thrilling stuff guys, I know.my yoga leggings are here, and my jacket is here. 

-A Water Bottle

We like to carry a water bottle with us, and refill it throughout the day – either from water fountains, or from the cups of cold water that they pass out at quick service restaurants. I prefer water bottles like this one, that will keep my water cold. Side note – having a refillable water bottle will save you a lot of cash, that you can spend on more important things (like food and booze).our sweatshirts are available here!


Am I the only one that hates when my lips get dry? I’m always carrying way too many Burts Bees Tinted Lip Balms, so I can pretend I’m wearing makeup, but still be lazy.


You know what’s the worst? Standing in a long line, and getting hangry. We’re pretty much always carrying some kind of meal bar with us, to avoid snack attacks at the worst time. 

-A Change of Clothes

It gets hot, or sticky, or I get overly soaked from sitting on the wrong spot on Splash Mountain. Something always happens that makes me want to change clothes during the day – so in the backpack it goes (and I thank God that I’m not the backpack carrier).my shirt is here and my shorts are here. 

-Camera Equipment

We take a lot of photos throughout our day, so we always have extra memory cards with us, and our tripod!my jacket is here

-A Fuel Rod

Anybody else have a phone battery that dies after two seconds and one instastory? Yeah me too. Our fuel rod is a huge life saver. We use this one here.

-An Umbrella

We once had a friend compare Florida’s weather to a child, and I think I laughed for about five minutes. It was the most accurate description I’ve ever heard. Case in point – it will rain while you’re there. Take an umbrella.


When it’s done raining, it’s going to be warm, and sunny, and you’re probably going to burn if you aren’t careful. Hit up that SPF and take care of your skin – premature damage isn’t cute.

That’s what we take to the parks in our backpack – which is a Langly Camera Bag, by the way, which David carries, while I normally carry either a Danielle Nicole purse, or a Disney Dooney.