What We Pack For The Beach

We love beach getaways. Hawaii, Florida, California, The Bahamas – we don’t discriminate. I’ve often contemplated shutting down this blog, selling my worldly possessions, and bartending at a grasshut on a remote island somewhere, completely unplugged from the world. (Then the reality of what that situation would actually look like kicks in, and I remember how much I love my worldly possessions, and that I could never abandon my readers, and thus, I abandon the idea.) But still, the beach is constantly calling my name. I love salt water, salty air, the feeling of being warm- – I’m practically a pinterest inspiration beach quote. We’ve become beach packing experts, nay, beach packing prodigies, if I do say so myself. Some of the things we pack we take with us from home, others we pick up when we get there, but all we find equally important in the quest for the perfect beach day.


1.  The perfect beach bag

I see a lot of super cute, super SMALL straw beach bags being sold at boutiques that I love, and think are adorable, if you’re only planning on taking a pair of sunglasses and a water bottle to the beach. This will not be you, because you will be prepared. Your perfect beach bag will be large, and functional. We love ours because it can fit everything in it. We know we’ve found the perfect beach bag when it can fit three towels, two cover-ups, and still have room for extra stuff.


2. The perfect beach sandals

I think I’ve found the perfect beach sandals when they’re comfortable enough to actually wear to the beach, but stylish enough to be worn going out at night. I love my sandals from Altar’D State (I love anything from Atar’D State, to be honest), because they’re versatile, comfortable, and stylish. Also, who doesn’t love supporting a store that gives back to the community?


3. Sunglasses

This might seem like a no-brainer, but keep those eyes in the shade!


4. Beach towels for everyone + 1

We always take a beach towel for everyone in our party, plus an extra one that’s large enough to spread out on the sand, so people have something to sit on, and put their stuff on. Does anyone like getting all sandy when wet? (No, they don’t.)


5. Plastic Bags

We always take plastic bags to the beach to store our phones, keys, and wallets in. We’ve found that this keeps our stuff from getting destroyed by water/sand. Nothing is worse from coming back from a fun beach day, to find that your phone is no longer working, or your wallet is water-logged.


6. Water bottles and La Croix

We try to stay away from drinking sodas on the beach – all the sugar and sun can be majorly dehydrating, and cause you to start hallucinating a scene from Jaws. (Maybe not, but it’s still bad for you!) We pack water bottles, and flavored La Croix, for when we need something a little sweeter.


7. Sunscreen

GUYS TAKE CARE OF YOUR SKIN. I love to layout, and I love to be tan, but even I know how important it is to wear sunscreen. Let’s all collectively say no to melanoma together, okay?


8. Aloe Vera

I had a friend once that got TERRIBLY burned on a girls trip to the beach, and became very, very close friend with the Aloe Vera bottle. I’ve never experienced such a scary sunburn myself, but after seeing the torment of another, I always take on just in case.


We hope for your sake, and our sanity, that we all get to take a beach vacation very soon. We hope your days are full of sand and your nights are full of stars. We hope your tanline is always even, and that our packing list, as always, takes one less stress off your vacation.