Walt Disney World’s The BOATHOUSE Review

There are things in life I don’t understand. Why do people like fruity candy, when chocolate is available? How do some people naturally understand math? Why doesn’t everyone like reality TV? Are we really going to build a wall? HOW DO WE GET INK IN PENS? And why, does the Boathouse at Disney Springs, insist on using all capital letters in its branding? It’s BOATHOUSE. Like it’s yelling at you. What I do, understand however, is that there’s very few places on property, that I enjoy more, than the dockside bar, watching the boats, and amphicars go by, while enjoying delicious food and drink. The Boathouse (I refuse to use all capitals), is impeccably done, in my opinion. I’m surprised that it’s taken us so long to review it, since we go there so often.DSC_9892DSC_9888DSC_9886

When you first walk in, you’re greeted with a sense of cohesive theming (BECKY’S BOATS, BOATS, BOATS), but in a way that’s classy, and calming. You’ll see a nautical motif, that’s carried off seamlessly, and a bar with oysters and other seafood on ice. Everything about the inside of the restaurant invites you to come and cool off on a hot Florida day. It’s been our place of refuge many time, when we just couldn’t handle the humidity for another minute.20160624-LJP_546420160624-LJP_5460DSC_9899

The Boathouse has a great menu, that is heavy on the seafood, which is not a problem for our fish loving selves. We’re the kind of sadists that eat sushi while watching The Little Mermaid – so so a menu full of smoked fish dip, and fish tacos is right up our alley.20160624-LJP_5401LJP_0089

One of our favorite bars at WDW is at The Boathouse, serving up classic cocktails, and having an impressive beer and wine list. Sure, sometimes I want a fruit filled, rum filled, song and dance filled, drink in a plastic coconut – but other times, I just want something mixed well, that won’t give me a sugar high. When I just want a martini made well, the Boathouse is where I head.LJP_0088LJP_0079

All in all, we give The Boathouse two thumbs up, and a big hug for being the best. Check it out – we know you’ll love it too (unless you have bad taste, then we can’t help you.).