5 Must Drink Cocktails At Walt Disney World

I have a hard time going to Walt Disney World, without stopping at Trader Sam’s or Jock Lindsey’s. There – I admit it. I’m a Trader Sam’s/Jock Lindsey’s addict. David and I aren’t partiers (shocker, I know), but there are some iconic, must-have cocktails at Walt Disney World. (Unless you are under 21, in which case you can enjoy an iconic, Mickey Ice-Cream Bar.)

1. The Uh Oa at Trader Sam’s
The Uh Oa is a drink that is meant to be shared by multiple people. Combining tropical fruit juices, and light and dark rums, the best part of the drink is the fact that when it’s served, it’s served on fire, while you throw bits of cinnamon on it, to make the flame even brighter. The whole drink fits into a story to try to appease what I believe is a tiki goddess on the wall, who glows brightly whenever anyone orders the drink, and the whole bar chants ‘Uh Oa, Uh Oa, Uh Oa Oa Oa’. (It sounds a lot weirder than it is. It’s actually really fun and interactive) The bar is an experience in an of itself, with more immersive details than almost any other place on property.

DSC_0109DSC_0113DSC_87512.Reggie’s Revenge at Jock Lindsey’s

Jock Lindsey’s is a relatively new bar in the new Disney Springs area. Themed after the pilot in the Indiana Jones movies, this is bar is a great addition to Disney Springs, and Walt Disney World in general. We recommend ordering what the bartender recommended to us, a Reggies Revenge. This drink has an orange vodka base, with melon, white cranberry juice, and fresh lime.

DSC_4894DSC_4899DSC_4919DSC_4922DSC_49233. The Lemon Drop Martini at The Boathouse
David and I have a current obsession with The Boathouse. We love the ambiance, with love the dockside bar, with love the amazing food – everything about this place works for us. We know that a lemon drop feels like a drink that you can get anywhere, but this is a speciality of The Boathouse, and it’s one of the best drinks I’ve had on Disney property. It’s served strong (which is not common for a Disney drink), and has a Florida rock candy stir stick.

LJP_0079LJP_0086LJP_0080LJP_00894. A Lapu Lapu at The Tambu Lounge
This drink has been a classic drink at Disney for years. Found at The Polynesian Village Resort, upstairs, at The Tambu Lounge, it’s mainly popular for being a drink served in a hollowed out pineapple. The drink is a classic tropical cocktail, combining several kinds of rum, and several kinds of fruit juices.

DSC_9524DSC_9527DSC_95295. Grey Goose Slush in the France Pavilion in Epcot
Another Disney classic, is the Grey Goose Slush, found in France in Epcot in a kiosk by the water. You can chose from a Grand Marnier Slush, or a Grey Goose Citron Slush. Sometimes, like a festivals, they have special slushes – our favorite is the La Vie En Rose at The Flower and Garden Festival.

DSC_0072DSC_8826DSC_0068Enjoy one, or all the drinks on our list during your time at Walt Disney World, but don’t forget – Disney is a place for families (or us magical people that enjoy it without kids!). Don’t be that person trying to turn World Showcase into a frat party – nobody wan