Top Holiday Snacks At Disneyland

There’s not many things that I’m good at. My husband is good at EVERYTHING. Me? Not so much. I was never particularly athletic, or artistic (photography, not included). I wasn’t the top of my class, unlike my valedictorian husband. I am, however, a CHAMPION eater. Truly, world class. GILMORE LEVEL. Today, I’m taking my eating skills to Disneyland, and working my way through the Holiday food and drink that’s offered there, so that I can tell you what you should try (SOMEONE HAS TO DO IT). This list is in no particular order – as playing favorites with food is a choice I’m not prepared to make.

1. Candy Cane Beignets, Cafe Orleans, Disneyland
I love the normal beignets you can get a Cafe Orleans (and the Pommes Frites, but that’s a different story), so it’s no surprise that I’m obsessed with the Christmas version that’s offered during the holidays. The beignets come five to an order, and you can share if you want to risk the relationship of the person you’re with.

2. Crushed Peppermint Ice Cream Cone, The Gibson Girl, Disneyland
This waffle cone has crushed peppermint on the outside, and peppermint ice cream on the inside. You’ll feel like Buddy the Elf making his through the Candy Cane forest. We recommend eating one while watching the Christmas Parade, but that’s just us.

3. Tropical Snowstorm, Trader Sam’s, Disneyland Hotel
If you’re boozy grandma got shipwrecked on a tropical island, but still tried to make eggnog for the holidays, that’s exactly what this drink would taste like. In the best, best, best way possible.

4. Yule Log, Plaza Inn OR Festival of Holidays, Disneyland OR California Adventure
Get a Mocha Chocolate Yule Log. Take pictures of it and post them on Instagram. Write me thank you letters after it changes your life.

5. The Poinsettia, The Carthay Circle, California Adventure
Nothing, to me, says Christmas like champagne. Pop into the Carthay Circle lounge, for this raspberry cranberry champagne dream of a holiday beverage, and feel like a million bucks (because this place is classy AF). We love everything about this restaurant and lounge, and know you will too.

6. Crushed Candy Cane Dipped Ice Cream Bar, Clarabelle’s, California Adventure
If I was going to chose a favorite treat (WHICH I’M NOT), it would be a dark chocolate, crushed candy cane dipped ice cream bar from Clarabelle’s. It’s a Christmas miracle in the form of ice cream.

We love all the Disneyland holiday treats (as it evidenced by the larger clothes we will be buying when we get home!), and we know you will too!

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