Tips For Cruising on The Disney Fantasy

We’ve cruised on a couple of different Disney Cruise ships, and The Fantasy was by far our favorite (maybe I’m just a sucker for any place that has a Champagne themed bar). Disney Cruise ships are large, and there’s a ton of stuff to do, see, and experience. Today, we decided to share some of our top tips for cruising on The Fantasy – because what’s the point of cruising if you don’t know everywhere that you can get free food?

-Your Key to The World Card is Everything
What your magicband is at the parks, your Key To The World Card is on your ship. It gets you in your room, it pays for your booze, it gets you off and on your ship, IT DOES EVERYTHING. Keep is close and give it a pet name.

-Don’t Miss the AquaDuck
Even if you aren’t typically a waterslide person, the AquaDuck is a waterslide – roller coaster combo, where you’re actually propelled by jets, so your raft goes faster. The line gets SUPER long, so try to hit it up early in the day.

-Try To Eat At All The Restaurants
The Fantasy has three great restaurants included in the price of your ship – Animators Palette, The Enchanted Garden, and the Royal Court. They’re all fantastically themed, and have great food – we recommend arranging your dining so that you can hit all three, AND have a night free for Palo.

– Get The Disney Cruise Line Navigator App
This app is amazing. It runs on the cruises WIFI for free, so you can know what’s going on in the ship WHENEVER.

GUYS – you can bring your own booze. Not a ton of booze (rules have changed, from the lackadaisical rules of the past), but you can still stow two bottles of wine, or a six pack of beer in your carry on.

-Don’t Skip The Bars
The adults only bars onboard are worth checking out. They’re everything you wish bars were in real life – perfectly themed and beautiful, with great drinks.

-The Rainforest Room at The Spa is Great
For a cheap price (by Disney standards), you can buy a day pass to the different saunas, showers, and ocean view hot tubs in the spa. It’s money well spent.