Texas Tulip Fields

You know when you’re scrolling through Pinterest, and you see a Tulip Field that goes as far as the eye can see in Europe and think we got the short end of the stick in America? I mean sure – we have every kind of fried food you can think of, and more reality tv than any other country combined, which I’m sure is what gets us the good seats at the UN. BUT WHERE ARE OUR TULIP FIELDS?! This is why, a year go, when I found out that in Pilot Point, Texas, just an hour and a half from where I live in Dallas, had their VERY OWN Tulip Fields, I jumped at the chance. 

This is our second year visiting the Tulip Fields, and it really is amazing. Not – it’s not miles and miles of tulips growing over mountains, but it is huge, and you do get to walk around picking your own tulips with a cute basket. They have every shape, size, and variety you can imagine, and it’s an all around great experience.