Staying At The Hotel Where They Filmed ‘The Sound of Music’

Confession: growing up, I had no idea that ‘The Sound of Music’ was about World War Two. We, like many other kids of the 90s, had a VHS where the movie had been recorded off of tv. What I didn’t know, as a child, was that my parents had stopped the recording after Maria marries the Captian, so I only ended up seeing half the movie until a couple of years ago. Nevertheless, it’s one of my favorite movies – I mean, is there anything more swoon-worthy than Maria and the Captian dancing at the ball?

When we were planning our time in Salzburg, we found out that the house where some of the most iconic scenes from ‘The Sound of Music’ had been turned into a hotel We jumped at the chance to stay there, and started singing ‘Doe Rae Me’ on the regular.

The hotel is BEAUTIFUL, and it, and the grounds, have been lovingly taken care of, so they truly look like you’re stepping back in time. It’s one of our favorite places we’ve ever stayed – you can book your trip here.