Reader Q&A

Guys – does how fast Instagram change make you want to punch a wall? You’re not alone. Sometimes, I feel like I’m too old for social media. I once tried to use snapchat, and lasted about twenty minutes before I gave up because the app made me feel so dumb. But sometimes – social media can be great. It’s given me the opportunity to do what I love for a living (travel and write!), and I’ve also met some of the best friends I’ve ever had, who I know will be there for me, long after an app goes away. Recently, when Instagram introduced a new update, that allowed people to ask you questions on stories, I gave it a try. I wanted to answer some of your questions on the app, but soon, I decided to write a blog answering all the questions, instead of spamming peoples story feed. This isn’t all the questions, but I tried to eliminate the ones that were similar. So here we go: answers, in more detail than you could ever want or need, to your questions.

Q: What does your husband do?
A: David is a civil engineer full time. He also plays keys at our church every Sunday, and does the majority of the design work for our store.

Q: What’s your dogs name?
A: Our golden retriever is named Harley! We bought him off Craigslist a little over a year ago.

Q:What’s your favorite Disney ride?
A: My (Laura’s) favorite is Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. David loves Carousel of Progress and The Country Bear Jamboree.

Q: How do you feel about classic attractions closing?
A: I honestly don’t mind when classic attractions close. I mean, I’m for sure sad about it, but I love when Disney changes, and makes an effort to make new things for people to do.

Q: Where do you get your Disney shoes from?
A: The ones I wear most often I got from Target, BUT we’re actually in the process of turning our patterns into shoes for the park.

Q: Do you have any discount codes coming up?
A: We will most likely have a discount code later this month for Christmas in July.

Q: Favorite Disney movie?
A: My all time favorite movies are The Mighty Ducks 1-3, and Heavy Weights, which are both Disney movies. I also love the live action Beauty and the Beast, and live action Cinderella.

Q: Is it worth it to be an annual passholder?
A: We’ve been annual passholders for five years, and we absolutely think it’s worth it. We’re big believers in spending money on experiences, rather than things, and we’ve had some of the best memories as passholders.

Q: Best Disney Resort for a 2 year old and parents?
A: We aren’t parents, but we have friends who are, and if it’s in your budget, we think staying on the monorail will make your life much easier. Any of the monorail resorts make it super easy to get to both Magic Kingdom and Epcot, without having to take the bus.

Q: What’s your favorite Disney resort?
A: That’s such a sophies choice – I love both The Boardwalk, and The Grand Floridian!

Q: What do you wear in December in Disney?
A: You can get a variety of weather in December, so pack everything. I take a lot of sundresses, with jackets and sweaters I can layer over them, and a lot of yoga pants (I LIVE in yoga pants).

Q: Are you going to Disney World after Christmas?
A: We go every year for New Years – we love that time in the parks! It’s crowded but festive, and there’s a ton to do.

Q: How many times have you guys been to Disney World?
A: Honestly, I’ve lost count.

Q: Are you DVC Members?
A: We aren’t DVC members, but we want to be someday. Right now, we rent DVC Points through DVC Rental Store, and we know if we ever bought into DVC, we would use DVC Resale.

Q: What is a resort you’ve never stayed at?
A: We’ve never stayed at The Poly, and we’re dying too!

Q: What’s your favorite romantic dinner spot at Disney?
A: The California Grill is, in our opinion, the best place for a romantic date!

Q: What do you love most about WDW?
A: Honestly, my favorite thing about WDW is that it creates an atmosphere, to make great memories with people you love.

Q: What are your tips on hair extensions?
I have a whole blog about extensions here, but I can’t say enough good things about Cinderella Hair Extensions.