Preparing For The Holidays at Disney

To quote everyones favorite TV show – ‘winter is coming’. But no really – am I the only one, that starts to feel like it’s almost Christmas as soon as they see the first pumpkin product hit stores? Just me? Ok. You guys can keep being seasonally appropriate, and I’ll be over here, with Bing Crosby, singing Christmas songs. But, the Christmas season is coming sooner than you think at WDW – everyone should already be planning their trips, and we’re here to help you prepare a little early.


If you’re headed to the parks for either Thanksgiving, or the week before or after Christmas, it’s going to be HELLA crowded. There’s no way to sugarcoat that. But even though it’s insanely crowded, it’s some of the most fun times to be there, with extended operating hours, more entertainment, a festive air, and parks bursting with decor. You need to have a plan. Having a plan, and your fastpasses booked in advance, will really help in battling the crowds. Get there early, take a long break in the middle of the day, and stay late, and you’ll be fine.

-What to Pack

Weather during the Holidays at Disney are all over the place. We’ve been there when it’s as warm as summer, and we’ve been there when it’s legitimately freezing. The answer is simple – PACK ALL THE THINGS. Just kidding – but in all seriousness, you need to pack for a variety of situations, and weather. We recommend bringing a couple of different jackets, pants, shorts, rain gear, and comfortable shoes, as well as some Christmas flair.

-Hard Ticket Events

If you’re going during the time of year when they’re having a Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party, make sure to get tickets early. We think this is at MUST attend event. Grab your favorite festive clothing, a buddy, and a game plan, and go to the most festive night of the year at the Magic Kingdom.

-Where To Stay

We always recommend staying either on property, or close to property during The Holidays. You’re going to want to take breaks during the day, to escape the crazy Holiday crowds, and the closer you are to property, the easier this is.

-Get A Rental Car

We always recommend a rental car during the Holidays. The buses at Disney are SO CROWDED during the this time of year, and we think it’s an expense that’s worth it.

These are our favorite tips to preparing for the massive, soul sucking crowds – the holidays are insane, but they’re so fun. We love this time of year, and we know you will too.