Money Saving Travel Tips That Work

What do millennials want? Avocado toast and to travel, while wearing different shades of pink, and taking photos of their food. (At least that’s what this millennial wants, and I’m not ashamed of it). Travelling isn’t cheap – but we’ve found ways over the years, to make it SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper. We’ve been traveling since we were pour college kids, who were bartenders, and scraped together money for everything we did. We’re sharing our best tips on how to save money for travel, today.

-Travel During Cheaper Times of Year

Everywhere has an off season, and hotels and flights will be significantly cheaper. With Europe, for example, it’s anytime that’s not the June through August.

-Don’t Fly Direct

If you’re willing to have layovers, you will save SO MUCH money. We’ve saved hundreds of dollars (or thousands of miles), by being willing to take a little extra time, and have a layover.

-Use Miles

We always encourage people to chose a airlines credit card to be loyal to, and put most of their purchases on it. You can read our blog, and how we fly for free, here. We almost never pay for airfare anymore, with these tips.

-Get Rides to The Airport

Parking at the airport can get REALLY expensive, especially on longer trips. Getting rides can save you a couple of hundred dollars sometimes.

-Use Airbnb & VRBO

Using places like Airbnb and VRBO can save you A LOT of money, especially in more expensive locations, like Paris and Hawaii. It also helps save money because if you want to,  can buy groceries and cook in your rental.

-Eat Local

Some of the best food we’ve had on trips have been eaten from street vendors, hole in the walls, and food trucks. Sure, it’s great to splurge on a five star meal, but some of the best food you’ll have will come from where the locals eat.

-Don’t Do A Rental Car in Big Cities

Rental cars are great in some places – but in cities that have great public transportation and poor parking, like New York, it’s a waste of money and a hassle.

We love to travel, but we love to do it in a way that doesn’t rack up a huge amount of credit card debt, and still being able to put food on the table.