Our Favorite Hidden Disney Gems

I love to be in the know. I’ve been this way since I was a teenager, and avoided the chain restaurants of the world, to try to find something a little more unknown. It makes sense that I would do the same things at Disney – I don’t want to fight for a reservation at Be Our Guest, when I could enjoy other places, without the wait time. Today, I’m sharing some of my favorite spots in Disney World, so you can enjoy them too.

-Olivia’s at Old Key West
Olivia’s is Old Key West’s equivalent of a Kona Cafe, or The Wave – but the food is significantly better, and there’s always a table available. We love the outdoor patio dining, and relaxing atmosphere. Make sure to get the cobb salad, and conch fritters – they’re both fantastic.

-The Gurgling Suitcase at Old Key West
We’re back at Old Key West for this next pick, at our favorite bar. The Gurgling Suitcase is named after prohibition, when rum was smuggled in suitcases. The whole place only has like four seats, but has original drinks that you can only get there, that are delicious.

-The Kiss Goodnight
We’ve talked about this so many times, but The Kiss Goodnight might be our favorite thing at Walt Disney World. It normally happens a half hour after park close at The Magic Kingdom, and is a small castle show, that essentially says ‘goodnight’ to everyone in the parks. Its magical, because of how few people are around to see it.

-The Nomad Lounge
Don’t have the money to drop at Tiffins on a regular basis? (I mean, who does?). We love The Nomad Lounge, because you get to enjoy all the ambiance of Tiffins (they’re attached), while just getting drinks and atmosphere.

-The Territory Lounge
In the mood for a glass of wine, and some of the food you can find at Artist Point? Look no further than The Territory Lounge. We ADORE the atmosphere of the whole resort, and the lounge carries that through.