How To Throw The Best Friendsgiving Ever

Friendsgiving is one of my favorite days (and favorite holiday traditions) of the year. It’s like an episode of Friends, but you also get to have delicious food, and no family drama. David and I are really lucky, to have a great group of friends, that are like family to us – and so obviously we celebrate that every year, with copious amounts of turkey and pie. Today, we’re sharing how to throw the best Friendsgiving ever, because we’re one step from becoming Cosmo around here.

-Invite people who get along
We’re lucky to have friends that get along with pretty much anyone, but if you aren’t as lucky, consider not inviting that one person that always brings drama. Friendsgiving is all about having a stress free holiday – Thanksgiving is the day that you have to binge drink red wine because your aunts are fighting about politics. Friendsgiving is all about eating turkey in peace, while laughing with the people you love.

-Go potluck
Cooking a Thanksgiving dinner for 20 people is stressful even if you’re Martha Stewart – we make it a potluck every year. David and I always handle the turkey (and by handle, I mean we get a pre-cooked one from Whole Food), and our friends bring sides and desserts.

-Rotate who hosts
Whether it’s to take the stress off of one person, or so people don’t feel like one person is monopolizing hosting duties, we’ve found that rotating hosting duties each year, works out best.

-Have it early in the month (or late!)
Trying to have Friendsgiving on the week of Thanksgiving almost never works. We try to do in super early in Thanksgiving, or even after Thanksgiving.

-Take a moment to reflect
I give an obnoxious toast every year about how grateful I am for our friends that our like family – it’s kind of a tradition now, and then everyone goes around the table and says what they’re thankful for. It’s my hallmark moment and you would have to pry it from my cold-dead hands.

-Don’t stress
Your Friendsgiving doesn’t have to look like a Pinterest affair – it just has to be with the people you love.

-Go big-batch on cocktails
We normally make a big drink dispenser of sangria – it’s easy, cheap (thank you, Trader Joe’s two buck chuck), and a crowd pleaser.