Mobile Food Ordering at Walt Disney World

Remember that part in Mean Girls, where they ask if anyone had ever felt personally victimized by Regina George, and it’s a super unanimous vote? Yeah, that’s pretty much me, with lines at Disney. I feel super victimized by the lines to try to get food in the parks. I’m innocently trying to eat a basket of cheese fries, and instead I’m stuck hangry and upset in a 45 minute line. But Disney, in their brilliance, is once again changing the game with mobile ordering.

All you need, to partake in mobile ordering, is a smart phone (which pretty much everyone not stuck in 1997 has), the My Disney Experience App, and your credit card (or debit), linked to your account.

You can order food WHEREVER you are. If you’re waiting in the hella long line for Flights of Passage, and get a hankering for Cheeseburger Pods, go ahead and put an order in for them, then go pick them up when you get off the ride! It’s that easy! You can browse the menu’s for all the restaurants that have mobile ordering available, and then put your order in, and pay via the app.

Right now, mobile ordering is available for the following restaurants:

Columbia Harbour House
Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café
D-Luxe Burger
Electric Umbrella
Flame Tree Barbecue
Liberty Inn
Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe
Pinocchio Village Haus
Satu’li Canteen

With how well the system is working, we have no doubt that soon Disney will expand the system to include more restaurants, which will make it far easier to avoid lines and bottlenecks at Disney World, so that you can spend more time not standing in line.