Minnie’s Seasonal Dine At Hollywood & Vine Review

Raise your hand if you can’t let of Christmas? Just me? Okay. You guys can move on, and surrender to January, and I’ll be over here with Bing Crosby, continuing to feel festive. On our New Years trip to Disney, we relished in the last few days of the holiday season, with a holiday character meal at Hollywood and Vine. This is a character meal that I’ve ALWAYS wanted to do, for one simple reason. It involves some of the best Disney characters in SEASONAL COSTUMES, which obviously, is most desirable, at Christmastime, when they’re dressed in their holiday finest.

20161229-ljp_943520161229-ljp_944420161229-ljp_944320161229-ljp_9441I’ve long felt like character meals are pretty hit or miss. I don’t think it’s enough to just have characters at a meal – you need good food too. Some character meals do this really well, like 1900 Park Fare, and The Crystal Palace. Today, we’re adding the seasonal dine at Hollywood and Vine to that list as well.

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Christmastime at Hollywood and Vine is festive – from the moment you enter the door, you’re greeted with a photo-op with Santa Goofy. We, personally feel like the photo-op works better that then photo-op at Cinderella’s Royal Table (face characters freak us out), and the mural at 1900 Park Fare. We had a table close to Santa Goofy, and were able to watch this character interactions with different families as the night went on, and they were incredible. He not only proposed to me, but took the time to have a different, unique experience with everyone.

20161229-ljp_946820161229-ljp_948520161229-ljp_948120161229-ljp_947920161229-ljp_9470The character interactions on the whole we had at the seasonal dine were some of the best we’ve had at a character meal. We enjoyed the food as well. They have great variety, that most people will enjoy, as well as having seasonal items that make the meal feel festival overall.

20161229-ljp_949420161229-ljp_950820161229-ljp_950720161229-ljp_9499We highly recommend this meal – it ranks among one of our favorite character meals, especially if you’re visiting during the holidays.