A Guide To Napa, California

Guys – I love wine. I’m pretty sure in another life, I was wine. My favorite miracle in the Bible, was when Jesus turned water into wine. Is it any surprise that Napa is my happy place? In late November, David and I spent a BLISSFUL day in Napa, and I’m already plotting my return (and maybe my eventual change of address). Napa is the kind of place that makes you feel like you can slow down for a while, and forget how fast life moves. Today, we’re putting together our guide to this city that stole our hearts, so you’ll know our favorites, next time you’re making a trip to wine country.

We had the extreme pleasure of spending the night at The Arbor Guest House. Normally, Bed and Breakfasts make me feel the same kind of trapped as Lorelei in the Cheshire Cat (season two? Gilmore Girls? Anyone?), but The Arbor Guest House is special. From the moment you walk in, you know that the owners truly care about hospitality. From the charming front porch, to the immaculate landscaping of the backyard, to the fluffy robes in the guest room – this B&B makes you feel at home. We cannot say enough good things about this place – except that if you can grab a room here, you’ll fall in love (and maybe try to stay forever).

If you ever take one recommendation from me, make it this one – GO TO FROGS LEAP VINEYARD. It will change your life. This vineyard looks like it was dropped from an HGTV shoot, into reality, and you get the pleasure of spending the day there. The people that run the joint couldn’t be more hospitable, as they allow you to just wander the grounds with a glass of wine, and some privacy. The tastings are super affordable, and the wine delicious. Spend some time with the dog that wanders the property as well – you might make a friend for life.

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Want to wow someone with an experience they’ll never forget? Take a hot air balloon ride over the vineyards with Napa Valley Aloft! We experienced this in the fall, while the vineyard leaves were bursting with flames of color, and it’s an experience we’ll never forget.

Do you like great food in an atmosphere that will remind you of a diner meeting Anthropologie? Then you need to go to the Freemont Diner. You can send me thank you cards later. For dinner, head to Farmstead, and order whatever the three course meal special is. We lucked out with fried chicken – may you also be so lucky.

20161122-ljp_550820161122-ljp_552220161122-ljp_5554 20161122-ljp_565420161122-ljp_5659We loved Napa. It’s going to be our go-to spot for relaxing in the future. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did, and we hope our recommendations make your time even more enjoyable.