Our Kitchen Renovation With Beyond Paint

I’m not an artistic person, in the classic sense. Sure, I love photography, and writing, but I can still remember my elementary school art teachers urging me to pursue another fine art (I think they were tired of having to fail a 3rd grader, to be honest). So when David and I decided to renovate our new house, I was nervous. What if my artistic impaired self ruined a perfectly good house? When we tackled our kitchen renovation, I was thrilled to partner with Beyond Paint, because they make things easy! Beyond Paint is a company that makes a special paint that allows you to tackle a project like a kitchen, WITHOUT stripping, sanding, or priming. For people like me, who are easily bored, not handy, and a bit lazy, this is GREAT NEWS. I was nervous, but our kitchen turned out amazing, and I love it. The whole project was so easy, and only took ONE DAY! We chose a navy blue for our bottom cabinets, and a white for our uppers, and we’re thrilled with how it turned out. I’m sharing the instructions that Beyond Paint sends you with the paint below, so you can see for yourself how easy it is to do.

“-Simply “mush” or stipple BEYOND PAINT® into corners, crevices, and hard to reach areas.
-Roll on flat surfaces (a 5/8″ roller is preferred)
-Allow 3-5 days to dry to seal the finish.
*Note: Traditional brush stroke techniques are not preferred when using BEYOND PAINT®


-Your surface must be CLEAN, DRY, GREASE, OIL and WAX FREE. Use “Simple Green” or a similar product to remove all dust and grease.
-BEYOND PAINT® is thick on purpose! It’s texture eliminates the worry of brush marks, provides a finish that conceals imperfections and offers versatility in application.
-For a smoother finish, use less BEYOND PAINT®; apply it thicker for a more textured effect.”

We love our kitchen, and have already had so many fun times, gathering around the island, eating pizza and having drinks with friends.

A huge thank you to Beyond Paint for sponsoring this post!