Our Five Favorite Foods at Flower and Garden Festival 2018

Let’s be honest for a minute, shall we? We’re all going to Flower and Garden Festival for the food, and to take photos in front of flowers. Maybe that’s just my basic self, but it’s at least what I go for. But in all seriousness – Flower and Garden is my favorite festival that Epcot does. The weather is great, the food is beautiful and delicious, and Epcot looks a million times better when dressed up with spring flowers and greenery. We made the supreme sacrifice (selfless, I know), of eating and drinking around this years booths, so that we could bring you our favorite. Today we’re listing our five ‘must eats’, but really, just like you can’t go wrong watching a Bachelor spin-off show, you can’t go wrong eating anything at this festival.

-House-made Potato and Cheddar Cheese Biscuit with Smoked Salmon Tartare at Cider House
Guys – I have a long-time love affair with smoked salmon. It’s the kind of love that keeps me up with questions – why haven’t states besides New York figured out how good this is? Why don’t we replace all other breakfast foods with smoked salmon? That’s why, once again, this biscuit with smoked salmon is one of my festival favorites. Swing by Cider House in England and see for yourself.

-Local Wildflower Honey-Mascarpone Cheesecake from The Honey Bee-stro
The Honey Bee-stro is a new addition to the festival this year, and one of the cutest booths, with great views of the flower blanket. We tried several items, but the standout with the Honey-Mascarpone Cheesecake. It’s beautifully presented, not too sweet, and has a great texture. I love almost all cheesecake, but this one was special.

-Pork Taco from Jardin de Fiestas
I normally skip over the Mexico pavilion (I’m from Texas, where our Mexican food is bar none.) But this year, I tried the pork taco, with goat cheese and apple salsa, and it was INCREDIBLE. It was big enough to be filling, and at a super fair price point – I would get this again in a heartbeat.

-Fritto Misto from Primavera Kitchen
I originally went to Primavera Kitchen in search of Lobster Ravioli (which turned out to be a gross, expensive mistake). I tried the Fritto Misto as an afterthought, and loved it. It’s cooked well, and has a sauce that I would drink by the bucket-full.

-Beef Brisket Burnt Ends and Smoked Pork Belly Slider from The Smokehouse
The Smokehouse never disappoints. Year after year, it’s consistently a festival favorite, and this year, with it’s new slider, it almost steals the whole show.