How To Prevent Jet Lag

Jet Lag is the worst. You plan a vacation for months, and then you arrive, and the time difference totally takes you out, and cuts into all the plans you’ve made. I remember my first trip with a significant time difference – David and I went to Europe for our Honeymoon, and I was completely unprepared for battling jet lag. I spent our whole first day in a fog, feeling cranky and tired. Since then, I’ve learned how to best combat jet lag, and now time differences barely affect me (it’s kind of like my own, personal super power). Today, I’m sharing my top tips to not have to deal with jet lag.

-Fly overnight
I love overnight flights. I take some melatonin to help me sleep, and then wake up right before we arrive, feeling like I got a full night sleep, and adjusted to the time chance. My number one tip for avoiding jet lag going to your destination is to sleep on the plane as much as possible.

-Pack the right stuff for your flight
I’m not going to pretend that sleeping on a plane is ideal, but if you pack the right stuff, it’s way easier. I always pack an eye mask, ear plugs, melatonin, and comfortable clothes. I usually don’t use a neck pillow, but David does, and he thinks it helps a lot.

-Don’t nap
Once you get to your destination, hit up a local coffee bar for some caffeine, and go about your day WITHOUT napping. I know that sounds counter-intuitive, but napping will make it way harder for your body to adjust to the new time zone you’re in. Do everything in your power (aka caffeine caffeine caffeine) to stay away until your normal bed time.

-Avoid alcohol
I know if you’re flying to a tropical island, or Paris, that there’s a huge temptation to grab a Mai Tai, or glass of champagne as soon as you land. DON’T DO IT. Drinking on your flight, or on your arrival day can make you way more tired, but also mess with your sleep.

-Stay hydrated
I know you’ll be guzzling coffee, but also make sure you drink a ton of water on your flight, and when you get to your destination.