A Guide To Castaway Cay

Three years ago, David and I took our first Disney Cruise, because we were dying to check out Disney’s private island, Castaway Cay. Alas, the fates were against us, and the day that we were supposed to dock at Castaway, a storm rolled in, and we couldn’t land. I was pathetically upset (like crying in the lobby upset). So on this cruise, we decided to do a two day stop in Castaway, and shake our fists at the weather. MOTHER NATURE – YOU’RE NOT GOING TO STOP US FROM SEEING CASTAWAY! We had two perfect days at Castaway Cay, that we spent hanging out with each other, and our friends DVC Resale, and Small World Vacations. We contemplated trying to hide from Disney security, and stay on the island forever, but instead, we came home so we could write a guide for you.

GUYS – GOOD NEWS. Food on Castaway is free. And by free, we mean you paid for it as part of your cruise fare. There’s three different places to eat on Castaway. Cookies BBQ, Cookies Too BBQ, and Serenity Bay BBQ. Serenity Bay BBQ is only for adults (18 and up), and is located at the adults only beach) and has the best food, with the most options. Cookies and Cookies Too are basically identical, and has ribs, burgers, and fish. There are several places to get soft serve ice-cream on the island, and you should take advantage of each and every one of them. Alcohol is not included (this isn’t a perfect world), but should be purchased. The signature drink of Castaway is a Konk Kooler, which is very similar to a Pina Colada – we got them in souvenir cups, because we’re basic. My favorite drink to have at Castaway, is a coconut mojito, which we found to be made really well, and not too sweet by the bartenders on the island.

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There’s lots of Port Adventures that you can book on Castaway, but seriously, take our advice and don’t waste your money while on the island. Castaway is perfect, and it’s perfect without swimming with stingrays, parasailing, or jet skiing. If you’re going to spend money on anything, rent some snorkel gear, or some floats, and take them out to the protected bays. Also, no matter what your age, make sure you take a ride on the waterslides at Pelican Plunge, the at sea miniature waterpark Disney created for the island.

There’s a teen beach, a family beach, a tiny private beach near the Cabanas, and an adults only beach named ‘Serenity Bay’. They’re all perfect, beautiful, netted to keep scary sea creatures out (so that you won’t be humming the theme song of Jaws), and complete with hammocks and beach chairs.

Getting Around:
You can technically rent a bike and take it all around the island, but we don’t recommend that – because you’re on vacation, and why would you want to exercise on vacation? That’s like dieting on vacation. There’s a tram that will take you all over the island, which is WAY better than exercising. The island is larger – much larger than you think it is, and while it’s technically walkable, that’s also exercise.

Castaway Cay merch can ONLY be bought on Castaway Cay – you can’t get it on your ship, just on the island. That’s reason enough to stock up and try to sell it all for jacked up prices on Ebay later (kiddddddding guys – kind of at least). Characters:

GUYS – There are Disney Characters on the island in THEIR BEACH CLOTHES. It’s everything you want and more. Make sure to consult your daily navigator to find them and squeeze their precious faces.

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At the end of the day – we can’t say enough good things about Castaway. Disney set out to prove that heaven really is a place on earth by creating this tropical paradise, and the only thing that would make it better, is if the booze was part of your cruise fare.

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