Get To Know Us

We wanted to do things a little differently on this blog post, than we normally do. With all the new faces around here (new friends!), we thought it would be nice, for you to get to know us a little more. If this were real life, and not the internet, we would take each and every one of you to coffee. We would sit in our favorite, cushy coffee shop, filled with books and scones, and order our favorite triple cappuccinos and really get to know one another. Since that isn’t an option, we thought we would write this blog. So grab a cup of your favorite coffee (or other caffeine source), curl up near a sunny window, and lets get to know each other a little better.20160624-LJP_543620161121-LJP_477620161122-LJP_534320161123-LJP_567020161126-LJP_7119

We’re David and Laura. We’re native Texans, in our late 20s, who have been together for seven years, and married for almost four. We started The Bucket List Narratives three years ago, out of a deep desire to encourage other people to follow their dreams, while we pursued ours. We have a mutual love for all Disney Parks, all far away places (Europe makes us swoon!), and all ethnic food.20161120-LJP_4588DSC_3661DSC_383220161126-LJP_7093

David is an engineer. He runs the practical side of things (I’m clueless with websites, and codes, and gobblygook, and math). His favorite park is Epcot, and his favorite time to be there is when there’s a festival, or it’s the Holidays. He’s never met a dog that he doesn’t love, and thinks that Star Wars is the height of cinema. His favorite country is Italy, and he thrives on a busy schedule.DSC_2818DSC_3771-2DSC_3386-2

Laura runs the website full time. She does the writing, the bad joke making, and the pop culture references that make up The Bucket List Narratives. To keep up with her pop culture references, she watches an inordinate amount of trashy television (she doesn’t thrive on a busy schedule). Her favorite park is The Magic Kingdom, and thinks that Disney restaurants are a park unto themselves. Her favorite country is France – ‘be our guest, be our guest, eat our snacks until you need a rest’.DSC_4605DSC_279820161125-LJP_6398

When we aren’t in the Disney Parks, or traipsing off on another adventure (IT’S WORK, I PROMISE). You can normally find us at our church, or with our friends, who make up all the best parts of us.20161125-LJP_6370DSC_4450

We love bringing you guys content, and we love YOU GUYS. We love getting to meet you in the parks, and interact with you in real life. Your kind words truly mean so much to us. It’s a reminder that there’s a community of people out there, that have allowed us to live our dreams.