Flowers, Cocktails, and Epcot – WDW Trip Diary Spring 2016 Pt. 1

We’ve gotten so many questions about our trips – encouraging messages from readers, who express that they feel like they travel vicariously through us. We love getting this messages, and they’ve been the inspiration of a new line of blogs we’re going to start putting out, as we’ll be detailing all the days of our trips in day by day ‘reports’, so you can feel like you’re traveling with us. (If it was up to us, we would take each and every one of you with us, and we would all eat Mickey Ice Cream Bars together, and talk about our favorite Disney rides.) Since that’s not super possible, we thought we would instead try to make it feel like you were there with us, and we were all a huge group of friends traveling together, a la the cast of Friends going to Vegas (except none of us will get married.)

We just got back from a long weekend at Walt Disney World – our primary reason for visiting was to visit Epcot’s Flower and Garden Festival. We arrived late-ish Thursday evening after hours and hours of plane delays (I have the worst flying luck!). We grabbed a rental car, and headed straight to the Polynesian Village Resort and walked up to the beach to see Wishes with only minutes to spare. Wishes was showing earlier than it’s normal 10 pm slot, so the fireworks were going on at the same time as the Electrical Water Pageant. I’ve never seen the parade on the water at the same time as the fireworks, which was BEAUTIFUL. We were taking pictures the whole time, and getting some super weird looks from people as we set up our tripod.


After the fireworks were over, we need to start our vacation off the right way – with a drink at Trader Sam’s (review here). I don’t know about you, but I’m never truly relaxed and on vacation mode, until I’m chanting ‘Uh Oa, Uh Oa, Uh Oa Oa Oa’! We grabbed some drinks – and GUYS. I GOT A BLACK PEARL. The Trader Sam’s gods smiled upon me. We sat at the bar, and spent some time talking to the bartender, who was one of the coolest Disney Cast Members we’ve met.


After several drinks (and multiple rounds of chanting), we left Trader Sam’s to grab dinner at Captain Cook’s. Captain Cook’s is one of our favorite quick service restaurants for several reasons. For starters, it’s open late. Secondly, they have reasonably priced, delicious food that’s incredibly innovative for a quick service restaurant. We shared an order of pulled pork pineapple nachos (we already had been munching some at Trader Sam’s), and then decided to call it a night.


We checked into our hotel (we were staying at All Star Sports on this trip) super late, and crashed for a few hours of sleep, knowing that we had a long day ahead of us!