Best Walt Disney World Counter Service Restaurants

We are known on this blog, for singing the praises for Disney Table Service Restaurants. But we aren’t just lovers of Disney Table Service, we’re lovers of Disney Quick Service as well. We think that Disney Quick Service has gotten a bad rap, being known as a sea of mass produced burgers and hot dogs, when really, we think Disney is setting a higher standard for theme park food. You can still find mediocre food, sure, but if you know where to look, you can find outstanding options, at reasonable prices. We’ve compiled a list of our favorites, to help you figure out where to eat. (These are in no particular order. We don’t chose favorite people, and we don’t chose favorite restaurants.)

1. Columbia Harbour House, The Magic Kingdom
This Liberty Square Restaurant has a nautical theme, and most of the menu is seafood based. The real star of the menu at Columbia Harbour House are the lobster rolls, which are affordable, big enough to share, and fantastic. There’s a great upstairs eating area, which is nice, relaxed area to have some quiet time. We love the over-all colonial atmosphere of the restaurant, as well as the quality of the food, and how it’s a great alternative to most things you find.

DSC_9692DSC_96942. Sunshine Seasons, The Land, Epcot
We’ve been fans of Sunshine Seasons for years. For starters, much of the produce they use is grown on premises (and you can watch them grow it, while going on the Living With The Land boat ride). Sunshine Seasons is fun, because of the multitude of options you can choose from. Want fish tacos? They have it. Have a hankering for Asian food? They have it. In the mood for salad and sandwich? They have it. We love the quality of food, as well as the variety.

DSC_9131DSC_9125DSC_9140DSC_91433. Captain Cook’s, The Polynesian Village Resort
You’ve heard us rave multiple times on this blog about the renovations made to The Polynesian Village Resort. Something we were glad didn’t get the axe though, was one of our favorite quick service restaurants, Captain Cook’s. Captain Cook’s is our go-to spot for food when we want to hit up Trader Sam’s for a drink, and need a plate of pulled pork nachos with pineapple afterwards. Captain Cook’s is open until 11, (we love the late night hours) and has a lot of great options

DSC_8764DSC_87694. Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie, France, Epcot
This is one of the most iconic quick service restaurants at Epcot (and one of the busiest). It actually got so busy, that they renovated it a few years ago, to move it to a bigger space. This classic (Disney-ish-classic at least) French bakery has a huge variety of pastries, sandwiches, soups, and salads at some of the best prices on property.

DSC_0195DSC_0186DSC_0191DSC_01905. Be Our Guest, The Magic Kingdom
We have a hard time putting Be Our Guest on this list for one reason – they now require reservations for every meal. It’s tough for us to count something as a quick service restaurant that requires a reservation, but we cannot in good conscience leave a restaurant as fantastic as Be Our Guest off the list. This is one of the most immersively themed restaurants in all of Walt Disney World, and at breakfast and lunch, counts as a quick service restaurant on the dining plan. It’s well worth checking out, as everyone should experience it at least once.

DSC_5330DSC_0306DSC_5336BONUS. Casey’s Corner, The Magic Kingdom
Casey’s Corner is not elaborately themed, nor does it offer the best food on property. We’re putting it on our list because it’s open later than most restaurants at The Magic Kingdom, and they have CORN DOG NUGGETS. Some of our favorite memories are eating corn dog nuggets, while sitting on the hub grass at The Magic Kingdom.

DSC_9833DSC_9778We hope you can enjoy eating your way around Walt Disney World with a little more clarity, and have a little bit of a better idea of where to spend your money, because of our hard work (and by work I mean eating).