Five Favorite Beach Reads

I was on the phone with a friend the other night, when they joking challenged me to start a book club, when I was telling them about all the trashy beach reads I had picked up for Hawaii. Well, in the words of Barney Stinson, CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. I’ve loved reading since I was a kid – like, my parents used to ground me from reading (which I think might be illegal in some states?). Anyways, as beach read season is approaching, I decided to share a few of my favorite books that I always find myself reaching for when packing my beach bag.

-The Night Circus
This is the number one book I always recommend when people ask me for book recommendations. IT’S SO GOOD. The book takes place all over the world, but mainly in Victorian England and France, and tells the story of two magicians, who have been in a competition with each other since they were children, and a circus that’s only open at night. 

-Still Me
Still Me is the second sequel after ‘Me Before You’. Confession – I can’t make it through either the book or movie for ‘Me Before You’, I sob – long, ugly, heaving tears like I’ve lost a beloved family pet. Still Me is FAR less traumatizing and won’t leave you crying ugly tears at the beach.

-Scrappy Little Nobody
We all love Anna Kendrick right?! She’s that best friend we all wish we had. Her memoir is hilarious – I made the mistake of reading it on an airplane, and had the rows next to me glaring at me as I died laughing the whole flight.

-Harry Potter and The Cursed Child
The writing for Harry Potter and The Cursed Child is choppy (it’s not a book you’re reading, but a play -so it takes a while to get used to). But it feels so great to be immersed back in the Harry Potter world again, and feel like the story is continuing.

-Ella Enchanted
This was my favorite book as a kid, and it totally holds up as an adult (you just have to ignore the super awful movie that was made). Give the book a chance – it’s magical.