Laura’s Book Club: February 2020

One of my favorite things about blogging over the past few years has been getting your messages about how much you love my book recommendations. GUYS – I AM A BOOK NERD and I love that yall seem to be to. I always joke that growing up I had more books than friends, as I would visit my local library, and spend hours as an eight-year-old, picking out books that I would fill a giant canvas bag with to take home. Today, I tend to read via my library app, because it’s free (holla for saving money!), and I go through books too quickly to justify buying them. Today, I want to share my top picks of 202 so far.

-One of Us is Next – Karen M McManus

If you like suspensive, thrill novels that don’t get too gory, Karen M McManus should be the top author on your list. She’s a long time favorite of mine, and I’ve been anxiously awaiting this book, which is a sequel to ‘One of Us is Lying’, which is one of the best mystery novels I’ve ever read.

-The Renegades Series – Marissa Meyer

Marissa Meyer can do no wrong in my book. I read her first series, The Lunar Chronicles, several times over, and her new series ‘Renegades’ is almost perfect. I read all three books in the span of a week!

-The Grace Year – Kim Liggett

I almost didn’t recommend this book on the list – not because it’s not wonderful, but because it’s so disturbing. It’s perfect for fans of either Lord of the Flies, or The Handmaidens Tale – but it will keep you awake at night, and is definitely not a leisurely beach read.

-Little White Lies – Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Speaking of beach reads, I predict that ‘Little White Lies’ will be in every beach bag up and down the coast this summer. This hilarious book focuses on Southern Debutante’s life and the secrets that Southern Families take to the actual grave.

-American Royals – Katherine McGee

If you’ve ever wondered what the year 2020 would be like if George Washington had been a king, instead of president, then this book is a great read. It’s like a combination of The Crown, and Gossip Girl.