Our Favorite Hidden Spots At WDW

You know what’s better than heading to the hot spot in town? Heading to the place that no one else seems to know about. Sure, you could hit up 50s Prime Time, or Chef Mickey’s when you’re at Disney World – BUT YOU’RE BETTER THAN THAT. You, are in the know, and you’re going to chose to reach for the diamond in the rough, not the obvious choice. Today, we’re listing our favorite hidden spots at WDW, so you can can instagram like the “cool kids” (as if there are any – insert eye roll), and name drop locations.

1. The Gurgling Suitcase
We’ve hyped this place up so much now that we feel like we can’t possibly believe our own press anymore. This tiny, hidden, dive bar wannabe has specialty drinks to die for, only a handful of seats, and an off the beaten path feeling that makes you want to visit Old Key West just to visit it. Check out our full review here.

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2. The Territory Lounge
CHEESE FONDUE AND PORTOBELLO SOUP. I really don’t know if we need to say anything else? Except oh yeah – they have a kick ass wine menu, and we get to visit The Wilderness Lodge.

3. The Contempo Cafe
Looking for The Holy Grail of quick service restaurants? Look no further than this tucked away gem, underneath the monorail in The Contemporary. It’s right beside Chef Mickey’s, has great food, stellar flatbreads, and always seems to have the best specialty cupcakes. get my dress here!

4. The Crew Cup Lounge
Remember when Kanye interrupted Taylor at the VMAs? This is what this burger did to every other burger that pretends to be the best burger on property. Find it at this tiny lounge located at The Yacht Club.

5. The Tune In Lounge
Anyone else love the atmosphere at The 50s Prime Time but think the food is atrocious and overpriced? Just me? Ok. Head into the bar next door for atmosphere, milkshakes, and bar drinks.

6. Spice Road Table
This place is a ten, across the board. The food is incredible (way more than you would expect from a theme park restaurant), and full of romantic atmosphere.

7. Eight Spoon Cafe
GUYS – SPECIALTY MAC N CHEESE at prices that are less than the price than a coffee. Run, don’t walk to The Animal Kingdom. shop my favorite rompers for the park – here, here, and here. 

8. The Captains Grille
Want the best breakfast at Walt Disney World? It’s the chocolate cherry waffles at The Yacht Club. Hands down. Case closed.

9. Geyser Point
This new kid on the block has amazing bar drinks, amazing food, and open air ambiance.

Hit any of these nine (we don’t like even numbers, okay), for a great time, and maybe save Chef Mickey’s for a trip that you want to numb your taste buds.