The Best Dive Bar at Walt Disney World

I LOVE DIVE BARS. It’s probably because I have religiously watched, and rewatched, and then rewatched again all nine seasons of How I Met Your Mother, and dreamed of SOMEDAY finding my own MacLarens where I could have my own booth that I could be weirdly protective over. This is probably why I started freaking out when I learned that Disney World has a dive bar that pretty much KNOW ONE KNOWS ABOUT. How is it, that we, who go to Disney World, and enjoy cocktails (in moderation), had never heard of this place? I was flabbergasted (yes, I did very well on my SATS thank you very much).

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The Gurgling Suitcase is located at Old Key West Resort (which is probably why you’ve never heard of it), and is TINY. You could comfortably fit the whole place in my one-bedroom apartment, and still have room to throw a party at our place. The bar is covered with fun, Key West type memorabilia, and they have signature drinks that are delicious, but strong enough to make your toes curl. At the recommendation of the bartender, I got a Turtle Krawl, which she said was their signature drink. GUYS – it was bitchin. Literally the only word I can use to describe this strong, delicious drink that left me seeing stars.

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The bar offers a menu as well, if you’re feeling hungry, and several specialty beers. David enjoyed a Key West Lime Wheat beer which was delicious and unlike anything else he’d found on property.

They told us that The Gurgling Suitcase is named for the prohibition times, when the country collectively lost their minds, and tried to outlaw the sweet nectar of the gods, and people had to smuggle rum into the country in suitcases. Law offices used to tip the suitcases upside down, and if they ‘gurgled’, they had precious contraband in them. Fun fact for when you’re trying to beat your in laws in trivial pursuit.

We know you’ll love The Gurgling Suitcase so much that we’re almost afraid to tell you about it – WE LIKE TO BE IN THE KNOW – OKAY.