Beating The Heat At The Disney Parks

As the temperature pushes 100, parents abandon crying kids in strollers, as a stampede begins on Main Street to try to reach air conditioning. The Dole Whip machine has broken down, causing an all out riot in Adventureland – Mickey is trying to hold down the fort, but as temperatures rise, hot and tired guests are threatening to break the barricade down and try to fix the machine themselves. OK – GUYS – WE’RE KIDDING. THIS IS NOT WHAT YOU FIND AT DISNEY WHEN IT’S HOT. But it might as well be, if you believe the rumors floating around on the internet. Yes, it’s hot. Yes, it’s crowded. Yes, you will see some meltdowns from people who don’t plan their trips very well – but you are doing your research, and you will not be one of those people. Today, we’re equipping you with some practical tips to help you plan your best trip yet, despite the heat. You can buy our shirts here, and my shorts here. (My color is sold out!)

1. Hydrate
The coffee and soda you downed doesn’t count – you need water. Paying for bottled water is kind of pointless, unless you’re rolling in cash like Daddy Warbucks, because you can get free cups of ice water wherever food is sold. Drink water, so you don’t pull a Gone With The Wind swooning spell in line for Big Thunder. My purse is here! I also love this one, and this one from Danielle Nicole. Dress is only $10!

2. Wear The Right Clothes
This is not the time, or place to be wearing jeans. You’ll get hot, you’ll get cranky, it will rain in the afternoon and you’ll be soaked. Wear lightweight, breathable clothing, that will dry fast, and help you keep cool. Also – please, please, please wear comfortable shoes – no matter how cute your wedges look at 8 am, blisters aren’t cute at midnight. These are my favorite shorts for the parks EVER and these are my favorite sandals! (I love the footbed!) 

3. Hit The Water Parks
It’s always nice to take a day off when it’s hot, and recharge. If you don’t want to hit a water park, hit your hotel’s pool. We love the Disney water parks though, and think a day there is a great investment.
David’s island shirt is from H&M!
4. Go At The Right Times
Touring the parks at 2 pm during the summer months is just not a good idea. The lines are at their longest, the day is at it’s hottest, and rain storms normally roll in during the afternoon. We’ve found that touring when the parks open, taking breaks in the afternoon, then touring after dinner is the best plan. This top is a staple in my closet and my sunglasses are only $12!

5. Have Realistic Expectations
The parks are going to be at their busiest, and it’s not realistic to expect to do everything. If you have realistic expectations about what you’ll accomplish, you’ll be able to relax, and enjoy your time more.

Stay cool this summer in the parks (and try to preserve your sanity) with a few simple tips.