Animal Kingdom’s Tusker House Review

TUSKER HOUSE IS SO MUCH FUN. There – I’m putting my opinion out there for everyone, right at the start. That way, if you don’t want to read anymore of me babbling on, making strange pop culture references, and lame jokes, you don’t have to. But, if you want to venture on with me, I can tell you about my new favorite Animal Kingdom Restaurant, and new favorite character buffet – Tusker House.20170302-LJP_344720170302-LJP_344620170302-LJP_345420170302-LJP_3541(Buy my shirt here!)

On our most recent trip to Disney World, we made a reservation for Tusker House, to use as a dining package for Rivers of Light (aka one of the only good ways to see the show right now). Tusker House doesn’t have to infamy of Chef Mickey’s, or the raving fans that Boma has, but in my opinion, it combines what those two restaurants do well, to make a superb dining location for everyone in your family. Normally, we feel like with character dining, you have to sacrifice fantastic food, for a fun experience. The food is always good – but maybe not innovative, or great. Tusker House does both things well – the food is fresh, high quality, and unique – and the character interactions are the best we’ve had at a character meal. You get some of the main characters at Walt Disney World (Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald and Daisy), dressed in safari costumes, to match the African Market theme of Tusker House.20170302-LJP_356120170302-LJP_356320170302-LJP_356720170302-LJP_3577

We made our reservation for 10:40 – which in our opinion is the perfect time for a reservation at Tusker House, as lunch starts at 11. We filled our plates with one round of breakfast food, then had lunch food after that, getting to experience the best of both worlds.20170302-LJP_361220170302-LJP_360920170302-LJP_360820170302-LJP_360420170302-LJP_3600

The Tusker House is perfectly themed like an African Market, and fully immerses you in the experience – this is what Disney does when they’re firing on all cylinders. If you’re only going to book one character meal while you’re at Disney World, we suggest you make it Tusker House.