5 Best Cocktails At Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Looking for some adults only fun at Disney World, or just need a drink to handle the 14 kids you have in tow? Friend, we got you covered! We, selflessly, sacrificed parts of our livers on our last trip to Disney, to try all the different drinks at Disney’s Animal Kingdom (YOU’RE WELCOME, INTERNET), so that we could compile one of our David Lettermen style lists for you. The Animal Kingdom has been growing on us as of late (and that’s not just the booze talking). We’ve come to appreciate the attention to detail, the theming, and all the backstory the park has to offer – and no, the drinks don’t hurt.20170302-LJP_355420170302-LJP_3532

1) The Mojito at The Dawa Bar
The Dawa Bar, located in Africa, is a walk-up stand located near Tusker House. We’re fans of everything at this bar, but we particularly enjoy the mojito, that comes with a sugar cane stir-stick. We always ask them to throw some extra mint in our drink (but that’s just how we like it, after years of bartending).20170302-LJP_362920170302-LJP_362420170302-LJP_362220170302-LJP_3620

2) The Himalayan Ghost at Thirsty River Bar
If you need a drink after riding Everest in Asia (or while waiting in line forever for Rivers of Light), head to the Thirsty River Bar. This drink has Snow Leopard Vodka, guava and Odwalla lemonade. It’s refreshing, and perfect for a hot Florida day.20170101-LJP_056920170101-LJP_056420170101-LJP_0562

3) The Coconut-Lychee Lemonade at Drinkwallah
Drinkwallah is a little hard to find, being a tiny hole-in-the-wall, that blends in perfectly with its surroundings as you come over the bridge into Asia. We stopped in here, for this refreshing coconut rum based drink. I’m a huge fan of coconut, and anytime I see it on the menu, I gravitate towards it. The drink didn’t disappoint – it’s on the sweeter side, so if you don’t like a particularly sweet drink, I recommend having them cut it with a little soda water.20170302-LJP_371920170302-LJP_372920170302-LJP_3721

4) The Spiced Excursion Ale at Tiffins
I like exclusive things. It’s not a great attribute of mine, but hey – we all have things we need to work on. But, it’s probably why I like The Spiced Excursion Ale at Tiffins so much – the beer was made exclusively for the restaurant and lounge. It’s an African inspired deep amber ale, that we think is delicious.20160624-LJP_554620160624-LJP_554020160624-LJP_5511

5) The Carnival Cocktail at Corn-Ivores
I think you all know how I feel about Dinoland USA (I think the words ‘afront to Walt’s dream have been used on this blog to describe it) – BUT, I find it all the more bearable, with a cocktail in my hand. My favorite, is the Carnival Cocktail, which has enough booze, and enough sugar, to numb the pain I feel, when looking at a land better suited for Universal Studios. This drink has lemonade, blue cotton candy, and Bacardi Black Razz Rum.20170302-LJP_365520170302-LJP_3657

So get your drink on (in moderation that is – this is a family resort, and no one wants to see you do your own impersonation of The Lion King, because you’ve had one too many).