With a name like Tables in Wonderland, you know it has to be something special. It’s also the answer to the question we get most frequently – and that’s how to save money on Disney Dining. Well, we’re here to talk about one way – but it has some caveats and exceptions.

Tables in Wonderland is available to Florida Residents, Annual Passholders (us!), and DVC Members (someday us, hopefully). Tables in Wonderland is a year-long-membership card, that you pay a one time fee for, and can be used for 20% off food and drink (alcohol!), at MOST Disney locations. You can use your card for up to ten people, and buy an additional card for a lesser price.

Tables in Wonderland cards cost $150 a year, for APs and DVC. If you’re a Florida Resident that isn’t an AP, your card will cost $175. As an added benefit, you will receive complimentary valet at Disney Resorts.

Now here’s the big question – IS IT WORTH THE MONEY? Unfortunately, we can’t give you any definite answers. The bottom line is – it depends. Before you decide to purchase a Tables in Wonderland card, you need to evaluate your eating and spending habits. For us, even though we go to the parks often, it’s probably not the best deal. There’s only two of us, and we don’t often eat at the big ticket restaurants (and if we do, we normally head to the lounge). If you’re a family however, that enjoys nice restaurants, and a few drinks with each meal, it will most likely save you a lot of money.

At the end of the day, Tables in Wonderland is one of the only ways to save money on Disney dining, unless you enjoy brown bagging for every meal in the parks. It might work for you, and it might not – the best thing you can do is be honest about how much money you plan on spending at the parks.