Top Disney World Tips Pt. 1

I’m sure that it’s obvious by now how much we love the Disney Parks. We aren’t the only ones – the more we are apart of this blogging community, the more we see other people have the same crazy addiction to the parks we do. It’s a sickness – we get it. But its a shared sickness, an addiction to magic, if you wanna call it that. Our years at the parks have taught us many tips and tricks to making the parks more enjoyable, and easier to navigate, and we thought we should share them with you.

1. Book your dining reservations early! If you wait, most places/times won’t be available.

2. HAVE A PLAN! Being spontaneous isn’t as fun when lines are long, fast passes are gone, and the sun is hot.

3. Get there when the park opens! You’ll accomplish more in those first two hours than you will during the rest of the day.


4. If there’s two showings of a parade or show, see the later one. Crowds will be significantly lighter.

5. Using the dining plan? Don’t use snack credits on water bottles. Places will give you cups of water for free.

6. Consider a Tables in Wonderland Card instead of a Dining Plan – you MIGHT save money.


7. Data plan brining you down? All of the Disney Parks now has free WIFI.

8. Most people bypass People Mover and Carousel of Progress – this is a huge mistake!

9. Deluxe Resort hopping during the Christmas season is one of the best (free) things you can do at WDW. The decor is beautiful!


10. As long as you get into line before the park ‘technically’ closes, you can ride the ride after the park is closed.

11. Ask for ketchup at The Whispering Canyon Cafe.

12. Embrace the single rider line if possible. It will save you valuable time!

13. Don’t forget to stop by Guest Services when you enter the park to pick up complimentary celebratory buttons.


14. Don’t get scammed. Only buy your Disney Parks tickets directly from Disney.

15. Write down where you parked, or drop a pin on your smart phone so you don’t forget where you parked.

16. Cut through the Emporium at the Magic Kingdom on hot, crowded days to save time, and cool down.


17. Staying at a Disney Parks Resort? You can send your souvenirs directly to your room and avoid lugging them around the park.

18. Epcot Character Spot has some of the shortest lines to see some of the big ‘five’ characters, and usually has a fastness plus available, even last minute.

19. Consider booking a character meal if seeing characters is a high priority! It might save you a lot of valuable waiting in line time, and you’ll have a good meal.


20. Plan ahead on where to meet if you get separated! We always recommend something large, and easy to remember, like the parks ‘icon’.

21. Disney Photo Pass people will be happy to take photos of your family with your camera for free!

22. All Disney Parks have a first aid center! Don’t hesitate to pop in for some band-aids for your blisters, and aspirin for that headache.

23. Usually, the Resort Monorail line at the Magic Kingdom is much shorter, and it stops at the Transportation and Ticket Center.


Disney World is always a great time, but with a few insider tips and tricks, the parks can be even easier to navigate, and not feel so overwhelming. We hope you enjoy your time there as much as we have!