Epcot’s Chefs De France Reivew

I love French food. I think one of the things that keeps drawing me back to Paris, time and time again, is my obsession with the food. France loves carbs, sugar, gluten, wine, cheese, and everything that makes life worth living. When I can’t be in France, I head to Epcot, for two of my favorite restaurants at Disney World.
If I had money to burn, I would dine at the upscale, fancy French restaurant, Monsieur Paul, every night. Since I don’t, I normally pick the downstairs, bistro style restaurant, Chefs De France.
One of my favorite things about this restaurant, is how authentic it feels to a Parisian restaurant. The hustle and bustle, the color palette, and the furniture all feel true to France.

The food could be bad, and Chefs de France would still be a hit, just because the atmosphere is so great. The food ISN’T bad, thank Jesus though. We love everything on the menu that we’ve tried, with some of our personal favorites being the steak and fries, lobster soup, french onion soup, and the multi-cheese pasta.
Our bottom line, is that we love Chefs de France. It’s one of our favorites, and we give it higher marks that some Epcot ‘classics’.