Disney Springs has been going through a huge makeover the past few years, and we are 100% HERE FOR IT. Lately, instead of just adding more restaurants and shopping, Disney Springs has been adding more adult nightlife, with attention to theming and detail, and our millennial hearts are living for it. Disney Springs recently added two different speakeasy themed restaurants that couldn’t be more different, but we love them both. A tunnel connects both of them, so you can go back and forth easily between the two.

-The Edison
The Edison is an upbeat, fun, nightlife experience that we think is best suited for groups, or people looking for a high energy night out. The food is eclectic but great, and the whole place is noisy and pulsing. The atmosphere combines 1920s speakeasy with steampunk decor in an effortless kind of way that manages to work. After 10, the fun really starts, with a 1920s jazz band playing covers of modern songs, cabaret dancers, and a packed dance floor. 

-Enzo’s Hideaway
Enzo’s Hideaway is the opposite of The Edison in almost every respect – where The Edison is loud, and over the top, Enzo’s is quiet, and more of a date night spot. There’s live music, but it’s soft, and more in the background. While both are themed like 1920s speakeasies, Enzo’s feels more like an intimate Italian restaurant carved out of an abandoned tunnel, than a raucous club from another decade. The menu is simple Italian, but delicious (if a little overpriced), and the cocktails are delicious.

Overall, we highly recommend both speakeasy experiences at Disney Springs (even though we’re partial to The Edison). They’re both great additions to your Disney trip, especially if you’re on a couples trip, or adults only trip.

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