One of the main reasons that I deeply relate to Lorelai Gilmore, and every character on Friends, is that we all share a deep connection to caffeine. I have a hard time understanding (or frankly trusting) people that don’t drink coffee. WHERE DO YOU GET YOUR ENERGY? Or your happiness? I struggle to be a complete person before I have my first cup of coffee in the morning.

Years ago, Walt Disney World was a coffee wasteland – a desert, where one couldn’t find a good cup of coffee to save their life. David and I used to bring Starbucks VIAs with us on trips, to avoid drinking the coffee in the parks. In the past few years, the parks have added significantly more options to get your caffeine fix, and most of them are good. Today, we’re counting down our favorites, so you’ll never have to suffer through a bad cup of coffee.

-Joffrey’s at Disney Springs
Joffrey’s is normally not my first choice when it comes to a cup of coffee (I do have a soft spot for their donuts, however). The Disney Springs location though, has nitro cold brew, which is my go-to coffee order AND you can get Disney coffee art on your order at this location. Choose between Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Goofy to make your coffee a little more magical.

-Starbucks in the Parks
Starbucks isn’t my favorite coffee, but it is reliable, consistent, and now all four parks have them.There’s also two locations at Disney Springs.

-French Press at The Kona Cafe
I’m a huge fan of The Kona Cafe – I have the foam finger, drink koozie, and spirit jersey (just kidding, but can Disney get on that?). One of the reasons I love The Kona Cafe so much, is that they have such great coffee – their 100% Kona Coffee French Press is the best, and big enough to share.

-Kenyan French Press at Sanaa
I’m always here for a meal at Sanaa, especially when it involves getting to drink one of their amazing Kenyan French Presses.

These are a few of our favorite coffee options at Walt Disney World, but the good news is, is that good coffee is easier to find that ever at Disney.