Seven Lesson’s in Seven Years of Marriage

Tomorrow, David and I have been married for seven years. That’s absolutely WILD to me. I know that people talk about how fast time goes, but it’s really true. The past seven years have been the happiest marriage of my life. David and I are big believers that happy marriages don’t just happen, they’re created, and sustained. Today, I wanted to share some of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned about marriage in the past seven years (and have an excuse for a big photo dump!).

-Invest in what matters to both of you

We both really love to travel, and we love creating home spaces that are perfect for hosting. This isn’t important to everyone, but it’s two things that we’ve identified that matter a lot to both of us, so we tend to invest a good portion of our money towards that.

-Be rooted

If there’s one piece of marriage advice I give to everyone, it’s to find a community, and commit yourself to those people. We’re really lucky to have had the same close friends for almost a decade, and it’s made all the difference in our life.

-Believe the best in each other

David and I don’t fight often, and I think one of the biggest reasons is because we actively work to believe the best in the other person. We go into another discussion choosing to believe that the other person had the right intentions in mind, and it helps a ton.

-Constantly create new memories

We are always looking to make new memories – whether it’s through trips, traditions, or nights out. We never want to be living on memories that happened years ago.

-Have each other’s back ALWAYS

Whether it’s an issue with family, or a friend, David and I are big believers in always having each other’s backs. I never want him to think that I’ll take someone else’s side over his, because he’s my person.

-Prioritize date night

This has been big for us. We have a date night every single week, which I know might not be realistic for everyone. But whether it’s weekly, or monthly, we think it’s such an important amount of time to chose to be intentional with each other.

-Be a safe place for the other

I think one of the biggest things in being a safe place for another person is being consistent, loyal, and creating a space that feels calm. Our relationship is our biggest ‘home base’ we have, and we work hard to keep it that way.