5 Habits That Have Changed Our Life

You know when Oprah is sitting on that couch with whoever, and talking them through whatever life change they want to make? Yeah – we all know that wise, all knowing expression she has on her face. I wish I’d had Oprah to walk me through my crazy high school years, as I made bad decision after bad decision – I wish I’d known then, what I know now. David and I have cultivated several ‘core values’ in our lives and marriage, that we truly believe have made all the difference, and have made us SO much happier. We both truly love our lives, and I think these habits are part of the reason why.

-Make Friends and Community a Priority
Our friendships and community are one of the top priority in our lives. Bachelor viewing nights, birthday parties, dinner gatherings, and friendsgivings will always take precedence to trying to get ahead in our careers. If I can look back in my life, and say that I have long lasting friendships, with people that I truly loved, I’ll consider myself successful.

-Find a Church to Be Planted In
David and I plan our life around our church – that might sound really weird to a lot of people, but we’re both really involved. David plays the keys, and I take photos. I interned there six years ago, and we both have great friends there. It’s where our family will grow up someday, and gives us so much community in our lives.

-Have Date Night Every Week
Life gets SO busy – David works full time, and then we also run a full time business together. My travel schedule gets busier, and busier, and then there’s always a different Kardashian to watch on tv – it’s so necessary to take a night each week, to get away from it all, and just connect with each other.

-Know When to Unplug
So much of our lives are on social media – especially for me and David! I try really hard to have nights, and times, that I just leave my phone at home, and don’t look at it. It helps keep me in the moment.

-Celebrate The Good in Everyday
David and I celebrate EVERYTHING. We make a huge deal of holidays, birthdays, and accomplishments big and small. We’re always running out to grab a bottle of champagne to celebrate something. It just feels like a big deal to make a big deal out of everything – we love to love life!

These are our core family values – that doesn’t mean it has to be yours! One of the best things about being an individual (or a family!), is figuring out what works for you!