Most of the time, I think my husband and I are soulmates. I listen to Taylor Swift songs and think that she snuck into my house for the inspiration for Lover. We’ve been known to text each other the same thing at the same time. After a decade, he’s still my favorite person in the entire world. BUT – when we discuss Star Wars, I am certain, that we are very different people. I appreciate Star Wars – I think they are good movies, and I was stoked with Galaxy’s Edge was announced. But alas, this wasn’t enough for my husband, who considered Star Wars akin to the sacred biblical texts, and ranks them artistically somewhere between Da Vincci and Parisian pastries. So, while I was excited to go to Galaxy’s Edge, he was NERVOUS. Scared that Disney, whom I have full trust in, was going to destroy his childhood, by not doing justice to Galaxy’s Edge. Well, I’m happy to report, that I have a happy husband, who thinks that Disney did a perfect job on Galaxy’s Edge, and he has a happy wife because I love anywhere that I get to drink alcohol with great theming. All of this build-up leads me to why we’re here today – reviewing the bar in Galaxy’s Edge, Oga’s Cantina.

Oga’s Cantina is the only place in Disneyland, except for Club 33, which serves alcohol, which makes it deserving of all the high-fives in my book. You can expect basically nothing but drinks on the menu (if you’re looking for food, go elsewhere, except for a few light breakfast offerings). But since you’re here to drink, instead indulge in the incredibly overpriced, but super fun Star Wars themed cocktails. Every inch of this space is perfectly themed, and truly makes you feel like you’re in another Galaxy (at the risk of sounding like a cliche). As of right now, in Disneyland, they let us know that there was a 45-minute time limit, and a two drink max per person rule, in an effort to help as many guests experience Oga’s as possible. I’m sure in the future this will change, but if you’re planning on drinking the whole menu, you’ll need to go several times.

Making a reservation is important – you can make a reservation 180 days in advance if you’re interested in going to the one at Disney World, or you can make a reservation for the one in Disneyland 14 days in advance. When we were at the one in Disneyland, they weren’t letting anyone wait in line that didn’t have a reservation, and since this is a ‘shouldn’t be missed’ for any Star Wars fan, make sure to nab one.

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