Walt Disney World’s Rise of the Resistance Tips

If you consider yourself to be anything close to a Disney Parks fan, or a Star War’s fan, then I’m sure that riding Hollywood Studio’s flagship attraction of Galaxy’s Edge is high on your priority list. This ride has a different system for boarding than any ride in Disney’s history, and since they haven’t announced that ending anytime soon, today we wanted to share our best tips for riding Rise of the Resistance.

First things first: You’re probably wondering, ‘is it worth it?’ to try to get on Rise of the Resistance if you have to jump through so many hurdles. YES. YES, IT IS WORTH IT. Run, don’t walk, to try to ride this experience. It’s unlike anything Disney has done before, and everyone in our party agreed that this almost twenty-minute ride reminded them more of a three-act play than a traditional theme park ride. It’s incredible, and the new standard for theme park entertainment.

-You can’t wait in line for it.

Rise of the Resistance doesn’t have a traditional queue, where you can wait for hours to ride. Instead, the ride currently utilizes a virtual boarding group, which you can experience through your My Disney Experience app, once you’re in the parks the day you want to ride.

-Boarding groups will run out early.

There are VERY limited boarding groups. When we were there, the park opened at 6 am, and we got there at 5:15 am to enter the park, so we could be waiting on the main boulevard once 6 am came, so we could get a boarding group on the app. When we were there, boarding groups where gone within twenty minutes. We got on the app right at 6 am and received boarding group 66. We rode the ride around 11:30 am if that gives you any indication of how long it might be.

-If you’re on property, you might need to Uber.

If the park is opening earlier than Disney transportation starts running, we highly suggest grabbing an Uber to get to the park. Uber transportation around Disney World is cheap and readily available.