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We are officially Disneyland converts. Like, we haven’t renewed our annual pass to WDW, and are always running away for quick California weekends, kind of converts. The parks just have a special charm, plus, there’s just this crazy thing in me that prefers 70 degree weather with no humidity, to Florida’s ‘face of the sun’ like atmosphere. Today, we’re sharing our one-day Disneyland Itinerary, to make your time in the parks easier. Warning: this is a plan for those that utilize MaxPass, which is our favorite way to reserve Fastpasses. You can read all about Maxpass here.

-Make sure you arrive at the parks at least 30-minutes before the park opens if you only have one day. Disneyland is a culture of locals, so most people come later in the day, which means us ‘out of town tourists’ can get a lot done before 10 am. Once you get inside Disneyland, do not pass go, do not collect $200, just head straight to Galaxy’s Edge. Currently, Galaxy’s Edge doesn’t have Fastpass, or Maxpass, so you need to get in line for the ride (soon to be two rides!), first thing. While you’re in line, you can make a reservation for your first Maxpass of the day – we recommend grabbing one for Indiana Jones, as this is a ride with long lines, that can run out of MaxPasses.

-If Peter Pan is high on your priority list, head there straight after you’re done with Smugglers Run. Peter Pan is one of the only big-ticket rides you can’t get a Fastpass or Maxpass for, so getting in line early is key.

-Once Peter Pan and Galaxy’s Edge is off your list, you can swing back around to Main Street, grab a cup of coffee and something to eat for breakfast, and relax knowing that you can use MaxPass the rest of the day.

-We recommend getting making your Maxpass priorities as follows: Big Thunder Moutain, Space Moutain, Haunted Mansion, Indiana Jones, and Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger spin. This will take up the majority of your day!

-Our favorite lunch place in Disneyland is either Cafe Orleans, or getting a corn-dog on Main Street.

-After lunch, we normally head back to the hotel (we love staying at the Howard Johnson!), for a break and a nap.

-When you’re ready for dinner, we recommend eating at either Carnation Cafe, or The Plaza Inn.

-The afternoon is a great time to hunt for characters. We spend our time meeting the big ones at the start of Main Street.

-After dinner, enjoy the ambiance and head to Fantasyland for some of the smaller rides that don’t have Maxpass.

-Make sure you don’t skip any of the nighttime entertainment! If you’re there on a night with fireworks, a parade, or Fantasmic, make sure you don’t miss it!

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