Easy Ways To Save Money on A Disney Vacation

The number one question we get asked about a trip to Disney is “how do you make it affordable?”. And I’m not gonna sit here, and lie to you, and pretend that a trip to Disney can be achieved for the same cost as a trip to the local fair with a magical ten step program. Yes, it’s expensive. BUT, it doesn’t have to be AS expensive if you know some handy money saving tips. And really, who doesn’t love saving money? I’m sure even the Kardashians get a rush on a good deal every now and then too. (Except maybe Kylie, because she’s, you know, a billionaire).

-Use a travel agent

An Authorized Disney Vacation Planner will know more about planning trips than you, so they will know where and how to look for deals that you won’t know to look for. Plus, they’re free to use (they get a commission from Disney), so really, what’s stopping you? We only recommend Small World Vacations. We’ve gotten to know their agents personally, and they’re passionate about making your trip the best it can be. I could fill a book with all the good things I have to say about them.

-Book your buffet in the middle of the day

A lot of families will book either a character meal, or a buffet (shout out Boma) during their trip. We think the key to making this a good deal, is to try to book the absolute latest lunch slot you can get. This normally means you’re paying a lunch price (which is way cheaper), and since it’s in the middle of the day, you can eat a big breakfast, and have this be both lunch and dinner. 

-Skip the park tickets on days you’re doing ticketed events 

If you’re going to a ticketed event, like Not So Scary or Very Merry Christmas Party, don’t buy a park ticket on that day. Instead, head to Disney Springs, or resort hop, and then go to the parks at 4 pm, when you will be able to enter with your party admission.

-Consider a rental 

If you’re going with more than five people, renting a condo will almost always save you money. You can find great deals on Airbnb – especially if you’re driving instead of flying, so you won’t have to pay for a rental car. Having access to a kitchen for breakfast for a large family can save a ton of money.

-Do you have miles?

We are airline mile fanatics. Seriously. If you love to travel and don’t have an airline credit card, what are you waiting for? 

-Keep snacks and coffee in your room

If we’re staying on property, we almost always have Starbucks VIA, meal bars, and a few other light snacks in our room. 


Disney doesnt skimp on food portions, and a lot of times, especially if we’re grabbing something fast from quick service, we will split.