Staying Off Property At Walt Disney World

When you’re looking to book your next Walt Disney World vacation, one of the most important factors (which can easily make or break your trip) is where to stay. At Walt Disney World, this always boils down to: “Should I stay on-property or off-property?” I’d like to say that the answer is cut and dry, but depending on the trip, our finances, and how many people we have coming with us, we have stayed both on and off-property. At the end of the day – there are definite pros to both. So for now, let’s focus on the advantages of staying off-property for your next Disney trip, which we’ve boiled down to more space and less money

20170101-ljp_047520170101-ljp_065220161230-ljp_99271. More Space
One of the biggest advantages to staying off-property is that you can almost always find something that has more space than rooms on property. For example, you can normally rent a two-bedroom condo for the same price as a standard room at a value resort.This is especially great for larger parties or families, because you can sleep more people, more comfortably than at a WDW resort. And I think we can all relate to the horror of spending 7 days like sardines in a tiny room. So if you have a large party and can’t afford a massive suite, don’t relinquish yourself to the Death Star’s trash compactor-look off-property.

20161230-ljp_986120161230-ljp_985520161230-ljp_984220161230-ljp_9834 20161230-ljp_962120161230-ljp_95602. Money
If you’re looking to save money, you should stay off-property. Not only will you be able to find a cheaper nightly rate, but if you rent a vacation home, you’ll also have access to a kitchen. If you’re a thrifty person, you know exactly why this is a big deal. Eating at the parks (or anywhere, for that matter) can get expensive, especially with a family. Making one or two meals at the vacation rental per day is a quick and easy way to save money. Once you start planning your trip and truly comparing your options, it’s pretty obvious that you get much more bang for your buck when staying off-property, especially when you do a vacation rental.

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There are so many different options (especially in a city like Orlando), for staying off property. From sketchy hotels to VRBO, there are literally thousands of places to stay. We know how hard it can be to wade through everything, but we have really enjoyed renting vacation homes, and we personally recommend Vacation By The Mouse. Vacation By The Mouse rents condos, townhomes and vacation homes at all different price points – and they’re BEAUTIFUL. Their rentals are all close to Disney, and are the perfect way to have extra space on your trip AND save money on your next vacation.