Why We Live in Dallas

One of the questions we get asked the most is about why we chose to live in Dallas, when we travel to other places so often. We LOVE to travel – we love Europe, Disney theme parks, and beaches of all shapes and form. But you would have to drag us out of Dallas, kicking and screaming. And it’s not just the fact that anytime any one mentions the state of Texas, we automatically break into our own rendition of ‘Deep in the Heart of Texas’. We love the state itself, and have a lot of Texan pride (like most Texans do – we used to be our own country!) – but it’s more than that. Today, we wanted to share a little bit about what keeps our wanderlust loving hearts firmly in Dallas.

-Our Friends
We’re really lucky (and I mean really lucky). We’ve had some great friends that we’ve been lucky enough to grow and walk through different seasons of life with for almost a decade now. We’ve worked alongside each other as dirt poor servers in the same restaurant, we’ve struggled through college classes together, we’ve been in each others weddings, we serve at the same church. They’re home and family to us in a lot of ways. I think that finding people like that is rare, and when you do, you hold on to them.

-Our Church
I could spend a 100 blogs trying to find enough words to say enough good things about our church. When I was a sophomore in college, I dropped out of college to do an internship there. It was there that I learned to dream big dreams for my life (like this business!). I met my lifelong best friends there. I learned how to be rooted in community, and how to serve. David and I sat down and talked when we got married, and living near our church was at the top of both our priority list.

-We’re Rooted
I think it’s just a good feeling in general to have roots. David and I both grew up in Dallas before leaving for college. We moved back here, and decided to live here full time, and it just feels nice to have roots. It’s a good feeling to have places with memories. We enjoy new experiences when we travel, but we love having traditions, and familiar haunts in the place that we live. We love having the same place that we pick up Chinese food every Christmas Eve, and visiting the same Italian Restaurant where we had our rehearsal dinner for special date nights. I love picking up the turkey from the same place every year on Friendsgiving. I love that on girls days, we can go the the same nail place we’ve been heading to for almost a decade. I like feeling grounded.